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Retail Glow Sticks

1. Individually wrapped glow sticks, including glow stick bracelets, glow rings and glow earrings and glow glasses. Glow-in-the-dark sticks are placed in retail display boxes to keep them in good condition during transportation, especially for kids' night parties to bring really different fun and surprise.
2. Ships from the United States.

Wholesale Glow Sticks

1. Buy glow sticks in bulk by the case. A complete range of glowsticks, from party glow sticks to different versions of industrial light sticks, including military glow sticks, commercial fishing lightsticks and more.
2. Ships most countries in the EU as well as the UK, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Canada and Australia.

Custom Glow Sticks

1. Small batches of custom glow sticks, LED foam sticks with logos are accepted, as well as your own unique party and wedding packaging.
2. Ships the United States, the U.K. Canada, Australia and most countries of the European Union.

glow sticks for hiking

The brightest lightstick is useful for hunting, night walking, safety and visibility lights.

glow sticks for scuba diving

A high brightness visible light source by glow stick in diving and scuba night dives.

glow sticks for camping

Safety glowsticks in camping, boating, rescue and emergency situations are a must have.

glow sticks roadside safety

A chemical light in the car kits to prepare for emergencies in the night and road safety.

glow sticks for fun

Customized glow stick as your own decorative lights at happy birthday parties and events.

glow sticks for survival

Indutrial lightstick use for NGO'S, military, security forces, police and law enforcement agencies.

glow sticks for sport

Jumbo glowstick for party, wedding, sports, running, games and outdoor activities.

glow sticks for fishing

Long lasting formula lightsticks for recreational and commercial fishing.

Everything You Need to Know About the Facts, from Glow Stick Manufacturers' Perspective.

glow sticks

Do you know the difference in luminous flux between industrial, premium and standard grade glow sticks?

military glow sticks

Are safety, emergency and military glow sticks the same quality chemical light?

wholesale glow sticks

Why do many people prefer the white glow sticks to the brightest green ones?

premium glow sticks

How to buy glow sticks to avoid duds, leaks, low brightness, also short duration?

glow sticks in bulk

Are standard glow bracelets the cheap glow sticks for glow stick costume, dance and wedding send off?

bulk glow sticks

Why do people like glow stick necklaces with a diameter of 6 mm and glow bracelets with a diameter of 5 mm?

glow sticks in bulk

Many people believe there is a small amount of water in the glow stick liquid, and someone wrote that percentage on their website. Is this a joke that has been going on for decades?

glow sticks bulk

Directive (EU) 2019/904 Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUP), has become a pressing issue for a glow stick company years after the ban was implemented. Canada issued its Single-use Plastics Prohibition Regulations: SOR/2022-138 is coming.

SGS Inspection

Specified CID testing for military.

Wholesale Price

Reduce your cost to reselling.

All Color

9 full neon color options.

Variety Pack

bulk and individually packing.

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