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About Us

Your one stop destination for all things light sticks. We carry the full range of chemical lights, including all styles/models, colors and sizes. If you're ready to start planning your glow party or improving your chemical light industry wholesale, please choose us at Sinoglow.com. We will always strive to provide the freshest light sticks for you.

Retail light sticks

Designed to provide consumers with a clear selection of super bright light sticks dispatched from our warehouses in the United States.

Wholesale light sticks

Provides factory direct lightsticks to companies, schools and the general public to meet the price requirements of customers.

Custom light sticks

Offers personalized light sticks, or imprint logo on the tube of lightsticks as branded gifts, promotional items.

What We Do

We offer various types of glow tubes, both for party glow sticks and industrial light sticks in all versions. Makes us a more desirable trading partner.

Product Quality
Quality always the first choice for us. With over 24 years of experience selling glow sticks, we understand very well what is the consumer’s concern.
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Our Story
  • 1998 – China Bright Industry Co., Ltd. (Exported by Jiangsu Metals & Minerals Import & Export Group Corp.)
  • 2004 – Nanjing Mingde Arts & Crafts Industrial Co., Ltd. (Invested by Midland Imports, U.K. )
  • 2005 – Nanjing Sinoglow Arts & Crafts Industrial Co., Ltd. (Exported by High Hope Int’l Group Jiangsu Woollen Knit and Garmtex IMP. and EXP. Corp. Ltd.)
  • 2006 – Sinoglow Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Present.
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All Types of Glow Stick Luminaries are Safe and Environmentally Friendly!


Industry-leading technology of lightstick.


24 years focus on light stick solutions.


Buy glow cheaply from DTC shop.


OEM lightsticks with custom packages.

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