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Glow Stick Toy Safety

Sinoglow that has been offering the community fine, quality glow stick toys since 1998. We are very concerned about toy safety and the safety of children who purchase glow sticks from us. All glow stick products sold must meet certain safety standards set by the U.S. government and the European Union before they can be sold to the public, and factories / manufacturers conduct rigorous testing of their products to ensure that these safety standards are met.

Sinoglow supports U.S. and EU safety standards to ensure toy safety. Parents, teachers and other customers deserve to know that the glow toys they buy are safe for children. To make sure that children have a safe and fun experience when playing with glow sticks. To help ensure children’s safety, we hope that the glow products chosen are given as gifts to children while providing guidance.

Guide for choosing safe glowstick toys

  • Read the safety instrucation and warning labels.
  • Read the age requirements provided on the packaging.
  • Choosing age-appropriate toys to avoid possible safety hazards.
  • Check that the glow toy is the durability of the material.
  • Check the contents of the toy package to see if there are any small parts.
  • Seek help from a glow stick expert and glow specialist etc.
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